I am a graduate (PhD) student at Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Arkansas at Little Rock.   I am mainly interested in Social Media Mining and Analysis. I take interest in Web Mining, Information Retrieval, Information Quality and Entity Resolution.

Besides those geeky stuff I do have a penchant for music. I like to play Tabla. Visit new places and like to make new friends.

The idea of transforming the virtual society of the web, more towards the real society, intrigues me. Therefore I work in these directions. I am currently involved in analyzing real-life events from social media. This involves, identifying the most novel and `specific’ sources, and entities related to an event from social media. These sources and entities are further used for analyzing the events and characterizing them.

This blog is all about what I usually think and do to be socially wired . This is a blog that I maintain in my leisure time, to be in touch with coding for programming interviews, portray my research and discussing data science.


This blog is also a gateway to my world of research. I generally discuss the research articles that I publish, and might be working on. You can get the links to my papers, articles, book chapters and data sets that I used for my work. Most of them are discussed in an individual blog post with all the resources available in the post.

Programming Interviews

The blog mainly contain problems asked in coding interviews. These problems come from the questions that I come across while reading various books like:

1. Cracking The Coding Interview

2. Data Structures Made Easy: Data Structures and Algorithmic Puzzles

3. Elements of Programming Interviews

All the problems are explained and coded in Python as well as Java.

Data Science

Here is the link to my personal website.
Here is the link to my LinkedIn profile.

If you want to take a look at my research publications then please visit: Google Scholar


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