String Compression

Q. Implement a method to perform basic string compression using the counts of repeated characters. For example, the string aabcccccaaa would become a2b1c5a3. If the “compressed” string would not become smaller than the original string, your method should return the original string.

def compressed_string(str1):
    comp_string = ""
    count = 1
    last_char = str1[0]
    for iPtr in range(1, len(str1)):
        if str1[iPtr] == last_char:
            count += 1
            comp_string += last_char + str(count)
            last_char = str1[iPtr]
            count = 1
    comp_string += last_char + str(count)
    if len(comp_string) > len(str1):
        return "No need of compression"
        return comp_string

if __name__ == "__main__":
    print compressed_string("aabcccccaaa")
    print compressed_string("debanjan")


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