Detecting rotated string

Q. Assume you have a method isSubstring which checks if one word is a substring of another. Given two strings, s1 and s2, write code to check if s2 is a rotation of s1 using only one call to isSubstring (e.g “waterbottle” is a rotation of “erbottlewat”)

def is_rotation(s1,s2):
    if s1 == "" and s2 == "":
        return True
    elif len(s1) != len(s2):
        return False
        if s2 in s1+s2:
            return True
            return False
if __name__ == "__main__":
    print is_rotation("waterbottle","erbottlewat")
    print is_rotation("Jyoti Sharma", "Sharma")


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